Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A picture book for Father's Day: Molly and Her Dad

Father's Day is coming soon. Here is a special book about a little girl getting to know her dad who lives far away. It's a great book to share about a father bonding with his daughter; it's also good to share about families with divorced parents.
Molly and Her Dad
by Jan Omerond
illustrated by Carol Thompson.
NY: Roaring Brook Press, 2008.
ages 4 - 7
Molly is a little girl with lots of energy and imagination. Whenever the kids at school talk about their dads, she wonders what her dad is like and makes up stories. You see, her dad "lives a whole plane ride away." But one day, Molly's mom has to go on a trip and her dad comes to stay with her. He's exhuberant, full of energy and silliness - but Molly is a little wary. "Hello my little Mollymaloola!" he cries; "My name is Molly," is her terse reply.

Kids I've read this to like the way Molly discovers what she loves about her dad, and how they can be silly together. It made them think about how much they love their dads, how they like trying on his clothes and being silly with them. The kids I read it to had a little trouble understanding why the dad lives so far away, but they understood Molly's feelings - first of apprehension when her dad came to stay with her, and then pride when he told stories to her class, and finally joy with her love for her dad.

This is a great story to share and talk about dads and how families can live with parents separated in different places.

Many thanks to Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore in Berkeley for helping me discover this book and read it to a preschool class. They have a wonderful selection of children's books.

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