Sunday, September 18, 2016

Making new friends -- picture books for the new school year (ages 4-8)

Do you remember the song, "Make new friends, but keep the old. Some are silver, and others are gold." As our kids settle into a new school year, let's help them think about how important it is to make new friends, being kind and inclusive. Here are some new picture books all about making new friends.

Be a Friend, by Salina Yoon: This adorable friendship book follows Dennis, a little boy who only communicates through miming. One day at school, he kicks an imaginary ball and--to his surprise-- his classmate Joy catches it! A delightful story about finding a kindred spirit and discovering a new friend.

Big Friends, by Linda Sarah, illustrated by Benji Davies: Best friends Birt and Etho love playing pretend with cardboard boxes every day--racing, battling pirates, constructing forts. When another boy joins them, Birt retreats home sulking, until Etho and his new friend use their imagination to create an invitation Birt can’t resist.

Flora and the Peacocks, by Molly Idle: Flora dances with two elegant, proud peacocks in this wordless picture book--navigating the friendship between three. When one peacock starts dancing with Flora, the other feels left out--sound familiar? Molly Idle’s expressive illustrations depict a full range of emotions, letting children tell the story in their own words.

My Friend Maggie, by Hannah E. Harrison: Paula and Maggie are best friends, but when this duo (a beaver and an elephant) encounter a bully at school who teases Maggie because of her large size, their friendship is put to the test. At first, Paula gives in to peer pressure and shuns Maggie; but in the end, she realizes that a true and loyal friend is the best sort you can have.

There are many many friendship picture books that are wonderful to read with kids. Do you have any favorites?

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