2017 Summer Reading Suggestions (ages 4-11)

Do you have a favorite spot to read in the summer? Somewhere to curl up with a book? As a child, I loved hiding behind the couch with my stuffed animals, my cat and a book. Hidden away, I could get lost in a story for hours.

I hope you can find some good books to share with your children this summer. Please remember that giving them choice is essential.

We are sharing summer reading lists with families from the Berkeley School Libraries. We've geared them for kids who are just finishing that year. So kids who have just finished 2nd grade might pick up our 2nd grade list.
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* TK * K * 1st * 2nd * 3rd * 4th * 5th *
We've grouped our reading suggestions taking into account reading level and kids' interests. From their report cards, kids and parents know their current reading level using the Fountas & Pinnell system. This can help kids choose books that are just right for them. The bands of reading levels help kids look at a range of books.

Many thanks to all of my colleagues in Berkeley schools, especially Eric Silverberg, elementary teacher librarian. Eric helped update three of these lists and his contributions were immensely valuable.

Please feel free to download these, print them and share with your friends. Most of all, try to make summer reading time a fun, relaxing part of your summer!

June 2017, Mary Ann Scheuer
Great Kid Books & Berkeley Unified School District


  1. I love following your blog! Are you going to have summer reading for all elementary grades K-8 for 2018?

    1. Yes, I'm going to start working on them next week. They'll be ready by June 1st!