Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reading in the dark

We've just returned from a camping trip, and I'm already missing sleeping outside under the stars. But here's a great idea from Nora Gaydos, the author of the Now I'm Reading Series: try reading in the dark!

Want to add some zing to your new reader's reading practice? Try taping some words your child is learning to read on the wall next to their bed. Then use a flashlight to spot them in the dark. See if your child can shine the light on a word and then read it. You can play games like spotting different words that go to a story you're telling, or make up a story including the words as they spot them. What fun - your little one will be searching to FIND and READ the words!

Bring the sense of cuddling up under the stars by reading your bedtime story in the dark - cuddle together in bed with a flashlight and read your story together. This bonding time is so important -- give a special sense to the time we share reading stories.

Older children love reading by flashlight. My 10 year old loves creating a nest in her closet by bringing in blankets and pillows, closing the closet door, and hiding from the rest of the world with her flashlight and book. This is actually a great way to help children tune out the rest of the world and become completely engrossed in the book.

As Nora says, "Sometimes a little novelty goes a long way." You're helping your child realize that reading can be fun. You're also actually helping them focus on the words by shining a light on the words in the dark. Have fun!

Want more tips for early readers? Check out Nora's website and blog: Now I'm Reading Thanks, Nora, for the fun suggestions!

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