Monday, March 28, 2011

Celebrate Women's History Month with Authors and Bloggers

Our library is filled with projects students have done celebrating women they admire - women in history, women in their lives, women in popular culture. It is a wonderful celebration created by the students, and highlights local leaders, moms and grandmas, historical figures, and pop singers. Some students have created posters, while others have made interactive dioramas.

On the web, authors and bloggers are celebrating ways we can honor Women's History Month with an amazing project put together by by bloggers Margo Tannenbaum, at The Fourth Musketeer, a library science student, and Lisa Taylor, at Shelf-Employed, a children's librarian. They've called it: Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month, and it's a wonderful resource you'll want to check out.

This year's theme for Women's History Month is Our History is Our Strength. As stated in the National Women's History Project's webpage,
The stories of women’s achievements are integral to the fabric our history. Learning about women’s tenacity, courage, and creativity throughout the centuries is a tremendous source of strength. Until relatively recently...women’s achievements were often distorted, disdained, and denied. But knowing women’s stories provides essential role models for everyone.
Authors and bloggers have come together to share their reflections, their thoughts, their favorite books honoring women's achievements throughout history. Contributors include Anita Silvey, Candace Fleming, Kathleen Krull, and Tanya Bolden, with a new post going up each day throughout the month of March. Bloggers I admire, such as Tasha at Waking Brain Cells and Doret at The Happy Nappy Bookseller, have also contributed essays and book reviews. I wrote an essay on Eleanor Roosevelt, recommending two books I particularly like.

It's well worth checking out: Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month. I'll be going back to this site throughout the year to look again and again.

Thank you to Lisa and Margo for a wonderful celebration!

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