Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer reading suggestions: Kindergarten through 5th grade

We're about to say goodbye to our students for the summer. This always leaves me with mixed feelings. On one hand, I can't wait for the summer break - a chance to spend time with my family, to relax, to read. On the other hand, I miss my students terribly. I want to keep hearing what books they're reading and finding. For many of our students, the school library is the main way they find books that are just right for them.

This year, I've developed summer reading lists for our students, and I wanted to share them here. They are organized by the grade students have just left. I've used the reading levels students have mastered to organize these lists - our parents will receive report cards with the students' levels on them. Our school has adopted the Teachers College Reading and Writing Program, developed by Lucy Calkins and her associates, and I've been so very impressed with the way our teachers are implementing this.
Parents play a crucial role in supporting their children's reading, and this is especially true during the summer. Yet I know how overwhelming it can be walking into the library and trying to figure out what book will be just right for your child. The real trick, I've found, is to check out a stack of books you think might be right, and let your child browse through them. Encourage your child to read the first few pages and think about whether they're just right for them. Do they find them funny or interesting? Can they read them fluently? Engage in those types of discussions with your kids as they find books for the summer.

I would love feedback on whether you're able to download these lists and if they're helpful. Have a great summer - I hope you can find some time to hide away and read!

©2012 Mary Ann Scheuer, Great Kid Books.


  1. Mary Ann--

    Great lists. Would you mind if I put a link up to your page?

    I could see your lists with no trouble on my iPad:)


  2. Mary Ann,

    Great lists! Thank you so much for sharing. I really liked your organization of the books with different headings. I think this will be very helpful for your parents. Great idea using dropbox, as well. They popped right up on my Mac.


  3. I am a homeschooling mom of two, and i found your lists to be extremely helpful, particularly for my 7 year old who adores graphic novels. I downloaded them with no trouble- thank you so much for sharing them!

  4. I downloaded your lists just fine on my mac. Very nice choices, attractively laid out. Great job and thanks for sharing!


  5. These lists are excellent! Like that you have a lot of recent titles in the mix. Thanks for putting them together. Will be spreading the word.

    1. FYI - I am printing these colorful lists and hanging them in my kids room to motivate them. :-)

  6. Has anyone been able to download and then print the lists? The files are fine in the download and during the print preview, but I get some really bizarre error from my printer when I try to print the pages. For now I am thinking its just a problem with my printer, but thought I would ask.

  7. Great choices, Mary Ann, and the layout is very accessible.

  8. Thanks so much, Mary Ann! I'm printing these out for gift suggestions for my grandkids!

  9. Mary Ann, I was able to finally print it out. Turns out my laser printer was running out of memory when trying to render the special font used. Once I changed the pdf print options to send the page as a bitmap it worked fine.

  10. Great lists, Mary Ann! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I will use your recommendations for my 6 year-son who's homeschooled. I added the first & second grade lists to my dropbox. Thank you so much for making these lists available. I'm always looking for books that my son can find interesting. I also added your blog to my "Blogs I love" section in my own blog :-)

  12. Love your lists and the layout with the book covers. Thanks for sharing and they were easy to print.