Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer reading suggestions: Kindergarten & 1st grade

Summer has started and I know my kids are loving the freedom from our regular school routine. But I also know that it's essential that they stay engaged with reading throughout the summer. Kids who don't read over the summer will lose up to two months of reading growth - see this Reading Rockets article for more details on the research.

Parents can help their kids read over the summer by providing them access to books -- all sorts of different books. Here are some great ways to add reading to your summer plans:

  • Try to go to the library after work together or on a weekend. 
  • Look online and request your favorite books from your library.
  • Explore websites for places you want to visit. Let your child navigate while you guide.
  • Balance summer activities, with time for body (outdoor fun) and mind (reading, writing, sudoku)
  • Talk with your kids about their reading - share the fun, excitement - read together!
  • Encourage kids to read whatever they want - enjoy the freedom from school's rules and requirements
  • Use books to break the boredom! Try to break the habit of always turning to electronics for entertainment.
Below are summer reading lists I developed for our school community. This week I'll share all our elementary reading lists. Below, you can download the lists for kids who've just finished Kindergarten & 1st grade. Please feel free to download these, print them and share with your friends.

Most of all, try to make summer reading time a fun, relaxing part of your summer!

©2013 Mary Ann Scheuer, Great Kid Books

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  1. This is a great resource! Families really appreciate these lists.