Monday, December 30, 2013

Mary Poppins & other favorite classics

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie Saving Mr. Banks, and it's made me remember the fun we had listening to Mary Poppins as a family. The book is such a different experience from the movie! We especially loved all the escapades the children had with Mary Poppins. I highly recommend the audiobook for this classic:
Mary Poppins
by P.L. Travers
narrated by Sophie Thompson
Listening Library, 2008
your local library
Mary Poppins flies into Jane and Michael Banks' life, whirling them off their feet and into magical adventures. Here's a sample:

Classics often make great audiobooks that appeal to a wide range of ages, whether it's listening in the car with a grandparent or reading aloud to your 8 year old and 5 year old. Are you looking for other books like this? Here are a two others I love:
Pippi Longstocking
by Astrid Lindgren
narrated by Esther Benson
Listening Library, 2007
your local library
Pippi amazes Tommy and his sister Annika just the way that Mary Poppins amazed the Banks children. We loved Pippi's headstrong antics, but also were touched by her gestures of friendship.
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
by Betty MacDonald
narrated by Karen White
Listening Library, 2005
your local library
Whether children hate to wash dishes, won't clean up their rooms, or answer back to their parents, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle has the perfect plan how to help them. Kids and parents will giggle at her creative solutions. The short, stand-alone chapters make this a great "long" book to read with preschoolers.

Still looking for more like Mary Poppins? Check out these read-alike suggestions from Penny Peck at the Bay Views blog. A few she recommends are:
  • Barrie, J.M. Peter Pan
  • Brand, Christianna. Tales of Nurse Matilda
  • Burch, Christian. The Manny Files
  • Fitzhugh, Louise. Harriet the Spy
Happy listening! The review copies came from our personal library and our public library. If you make a purchase using the Amazon links on this site, a small portion goes to Great Kid Books (at no cost to you!). Thank you for your support.

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  1. Great books you've named here! MARY POPPINS will always hold a special place in my heart. I saw the movie at Radio City Music Hall for its premiere! I played the record (yes, vinyl!) on my portable turntable countless times! I didn't read the book 'til I was an adult, only it's been too long for me to remember the differences between the book and the movie. I, too, am looking forward to seeing SAVING MR. BANKS, but will wait 'til it's on DVD.

    1. Isn't it wonderful how books can hold such a special place in our memories! Thank you for sharing yours :)

  2. I want to see Mr. Banks, too! I love the movie Mary Poppins and now that I have read your post I realize that I have never read the book. I enjoy a good audio- so I will take your recommendation and listen to it! Thanks so much. :)