Tuesday, November 7, 2017

#AASL17: School librarians leading, teaching and learning together

This week, school librarians from across the US are coming to Phoenix for the National Conference of the Association of American School Librarians. As conference co-chair, I've worked over the past two years with an amazing committee and staff to help plan this event that brings together the leaders in our profession.

I'm excited to see friends, to meet new librarians, and stretch my thinking about how we can meet the needs of students and teachers. I also want to encourage librarians who aren't able to come to join the #NOTATAASL conversation -- see all about it on Joyce Valenza's blog The Neverending Search.

This is the only nationwide conference that focus specifically on our unique roles as teachers and librarians. As a school librarian, I have one foot firmly in the world of books and literacy development, and the other foot in the world of technology and information. This conference helps me think more deeply about both worlds.

As a co-chair of AASL’s National Conference, I’ve tried to ensure that our programs meet the diverse needs of our members as they support students and teachers across the nation. Whether you’re interested in diversity and equity issues, technology and digital literacy, or research and inquiry, I hope the conference will help you think more deeply about your practice.

On Saturday, I’m moderating a panel: Reading On My Own! Beginning Reader Series. We will talk with Megan McDonald (Judy Moody), Fran Manushkin (Katie Woo), Dori Butler (Kayla & King) and Richard Haynes (Slingshot & Burp) about writing for kids who are just beginning their reading journeys. These authors sparkling with humor and wit, and they create books that are accessible and supportive for new readers. For these readers, a series helps create a comfortable, predictable story environment, but these authors' fresh, funny stories keep readers coming back wanting to read more.

Here are some more sessions I'm especially excited about:
If you're coming to conference, I hope to be able to say hi and learn more about your school library. If you aren't able to come, please reach out on Twitter using the hashtag #AASL17 and #NOTATAASL.

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