Friday, December 12, 2008

Free Audiobooks!

Are you planning a long drive soon? Consider getting an audiobook for the whole family to listen to in the car.

Free audiobooks! Download audiobooks to your computer for free! You can get a free (yes, FREE!) membership to through your local public library. On the Oakland & Berkeley public library websites, look for "online resources". Follow the links to e-audiobooks - that will take you to Netlibrary's site and give you a free membership - just enter your library card number (and pin number in Oakland). Follow the links below.

Berkeley public library online audiobooks

* have your library card number ready

Oakland public library online audiobooks
* have your library card and PIN number ready

Through, you can download and "checkout" MP3 files for three weeks. You must open the files with Windows Media Player to activate the subscription. You can then transfer the files to your MP3 player, or just listen to them on the computer.

These files do not work with iPods because of the Digital Rights Management. Instead, I use an MP3 player. If you have an iPod, you can purchase audiobooks through iTunes or The new iTunes software update has great features for audiobooks, like bookmarking.

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