Friday, December 12, 2008

Audiobooks for young listeners

Young kids, about ages 4 - 7, love listening to stories again and again. Below I'm listing some great choices that are available (FOR FREE!) through (see previous post) and your local public library.

, by Sara Pennypacker, is a funny tale of a 3rd grade girl who reminds me of Junie B. Jones and Ramona the Pest. Clementine has such spirit - she just keeps going, even though she's having a bad week. O.K., fine, a really bad week. Her friend Maragaret got glue stuck in her hair and cut part of it off. So Clementine helped her even it up, and cut off all of Margaret's long shiny hair. And everyone blamed Clementine for it.

Jake Drake - Know-it-all and Jake Drake - Bully Buster, by Andrew Clements, are two fun school stories with a lot of heart.

Zelda & Ivy, by Laura McGee Kvansnosky, is a longer picture book about two fox sisters in a classic older sister / younger sister relationship. It's broken into 3 chapters which are really separate stories, so it's easier for young kids to follow along.

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