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Daniel Boom (aka LOUD BOY) - Graphic novels with action and humor (ages 6 - 9)

Do your kids love graphic novels? Superheroes? Action and battles? But do you want something with the feel of Saturday morning cartoons instead of high-tech gun battles? Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy might be the series for you.
Grow Up!
Daniel Boom (aka LOUD BOY) #4

by David Steinberg
illustrated by Brian Smith
NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 2010
ages 6 - 9
available on Amazon and at your public library
Daniel Boom has a really LOUD voice. But the real truth is that he is a superhero. Daniel becomes LOUD BOY. At school and home, Daniel's loud voice only gets him in trouble. But as a superhero, it's Daniel's loud voice that saves the day! He makes a group of friends at school, each of whom have a "special talent". His friends become Chatterbox, Destructo-Kid, Tantrum Girl, and Fidget and find special missions to save the world from evil.

As the kids go to KR Enterprises for "take your child to work day", they discover a sinister plot to rid the world of boisterous children. One by one, the children start changing. Tantrum Girl has a granny bag and beehive hairdo. Fidget can't stop complaining about his aches and pains. And hold the phone—is that Chatterbox over there sitting in a big rocking chair and knitting? What will our superheroes do?

Kids will love the action and adventure in this series. But I loved the way the story resonated with me. How many of us wish that the thing we struggle with (loud voice, tantrums, messy desks!), could become the true superpower that we use to battle evil in the world. Throughout the book, Steinberg weaves in real emotions, real situations from school. So even though this story is over the top, in the best way, it hits home.

Kids who enjoyed Lunch Lady (reviewed here) will eat up this series. Both are full real kids saving the day with their superhero powers, evil adults scheming to control unsuspecting kids, and lots of action and humor. I particularly liked this review of Game On! (book 3 in the series):
Using a formula familiar to anyone who has ever watched a Saturday morning cartoon, Game On! offers up no real surprises. But the formula works, especially for second, third, and fourth graders who will appreciate the homegrown powers of the heroes and the silly sight gags of the battling adults.
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I just have to mention that the art and design elements are also fantastic. While there's lots of action and color bursting off the pages, the pages are not cluttered and the dialog was easy to read.

David Steinberg is a "mild mannered animation executive by day who becomes a whacky tale-tangler by night." Read more about David and his books at website. He knows how to keep kids reading, laughing and coming back for more - that makes him a rock star, in my eyes!

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The whole Daniel Boom (aka LOUD BOY) series is:
1. Sound Off!
2. Mac Attack!
3. Game On!
4. Grow Up!

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  1. I like to think of these "over the top" books for kids like the Tall Tales of Today - they spin things in such an outrageous way, but kids totally love it. :)