Friday, May 7, 2010

send chocolate...

Just a short note to sadly say that I'll take a one week break from blogging. I am studying for my Master's in Library and Information Science, and it's FINALS WEEK!

I have just finished one major project (building a database), and am working on a major research paper. My topic is Building communities: How libraries can be involved. It's very interesting, but I've got a lot left to do! And I'll have a final exam next week as well.

On top of that, we're just starting inventory at our school library - scanning each of our 15,000 books over the next week. It's a huge task.

So, please send your thoughts, support and chocolate! (just kidding...) I look forward to getting back to my first love: kids and books!


  1. Good luck Mary Ann! We'll be here waiting for your return.

  2. Here is sending you best wishes and some virtual chocolate.

  3. All that work you deserve chocolate. Good Luck

  4. Hi, Mary Ann--are you a San Jose State SLIS student? So am I! I just finished up collection development and an internship and will be off over the the fall I'm taking YA intellectual freedom and hopefully another internship. Hope your finals week went well! I am officially done for the semester as of today (now on to my new blog...)

  5. Margo, yes, I'm at SJSU too! I'd love your advice on what have been some good classes. I just finished my first two classes - hooray!

    And special thanks to everyone for their good wishes. My mom showed up with a pound of chocolate last week - what a life saver! So sweet, in so many ways :-)