Sunday, April 17, 2011

Glogster - trying a new tool

You may have noticed that I've been posting a LOT of reviews lately. I'm taking a great class for my Masters in Library and Information Science on materials for tweens. Part of this class is creating a record of books we've read for tweens, ages 9 - 13. Another part of this class involves trying out new tools to promote books. We have to create five digital advertisements for books.

Today, I experimented with Glogster, a site that lets users create online multimedia posters. I've added video, audio and images to tell users about Storm Runners, by Roland Smith. I'll try to embed my poster below:

If the image above does not load, you can head over to Glogster to view my poster.

So how did I like Glogster? Well, I love the way you can combine many different forms of media. I love the way it spurred my creativity. I did not love the interface, but that might just take getting used to it. I did not find editing text on my poster very easy.

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