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The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?, by Mo Willems (ages 4 - 8)

Do you love a laugh? Do you love watching your kids laugh, giggle and chortle at many levels of humor? Mo Willems' newest Pigeon book is sure to please. The Duckling Gets a Cookie?! continues the friendship between Pigeon and little Duckling, but this time the tables are turned. Pigeon is outraged that Duckling got a cookie and he didn't. A COOKIE?! JUST BY ASKING FOR IT?!
The Duckling Gets a Cookie
by Mo Willems
NY: Disney / Hyperion, 2012
ages 4 - 8
available at your local library, favorite bookstore and on Amazon
Pigeon is back, with all his tantrums that make kids laugh out loud. In the opening spread, the little duckling asks for a cookie and receives one immediately. "Thanks! That was very nice of you!" says Duckling, oh so sweetly. In walks Pigeon, and he's shocked, shocked that Duckling gets a cookie - just by asking! Pigeon tells us, "I ask for things ALL THE TIME!…But do I get what I ask for?"

Kids will laugh at Pigeon as he starts to have tantrums, demanding a cookie, pleading for a cookie. But really, kids are laughing at how they themselves throw tantrums over silly things, while Duckling quietly gets what he wants by asking for it (quite politely). It's so much easier to recognize Pigeon's out-of-control tantrums than to see them in yourself. Willems' Pigeon books can help families talk about tantrums in a safe way that isn't saddled with emotion and blaming. Kids can laugh at Pigeon and talk about why Duckling got his cookie. And, yes, you can ask them to think about kids they know who throw a tantrum. Does it get them what they want?

The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? is perfect for new readers. Willems conveys so much emotion through the simple dialog and expressive illustrations. And the humor will bring kids back to reading this again and again. Best of all, it will get new readers to read aloud with expression and emotion - making their reading fun. What more can you ask for? A cookie? Well, yes I would like one if you could.

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Image from Entertainment Weekly, March 2012.

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