Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Museum of Amazing Women at Emerson School

Image from Wikimedia Commons
We are excited to celebrate Women's History Month at our school throughout the month of March. Throughout the month, we talk about different women who have contributed to our community. Students are invited to share about women they admire. Then we turn it over to the kids.

Kids research about a woman who inspires them, then prepare a poster to present to their class. All this happens outside of school and is completely optional. But kids love it!

Our library becomes a celebration of all sorts of women in our community, from mothers and grandmothers to race car drivers and politicians. Here's a short Animoto video of last year's projects:

This year, I'm going to encourage kids to make digital presentations if they'd like to try that at home. Animoto is an easy tool to use for a digital slideshow. Our 4th and 5th graders are using Google Apps for Education and excited to make Google Presentations.

Here's the assignment handout -- feel free to use and adapt, if you'd like.

Is your school celebrating Women's History Month? I'd love to hear about different ways your students learn about women who inspire them.

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