Thursday, October 6, 2016

I Want a Monster! by Elise Gravel -- monster crafts & stories (ages 3-8)

I love how books can inspire kids' creativity--whether it's informal play (creating forts and reenacting favorite books), doing crafts inspired by a story, or making a Halloween costume based on a favorite book. It's especially fun when an author includes direct encouragement for kids to try making a character at home.

My kids loved making monsters when they were young -- big, scary monsters and goofy, silly ones. Elise Gravel's newest book would have delighted them and led to even more monster creations.
I Want a Monster!
by Elise Gravel
Harper Collins, 2016
Your local library
ages 3-8
Winnie wants a monster for her very own, so she does what any kid would do--she begs her papa: "Please, please, pretty please?" At first, her father is quite reasonable and wants to know exactly who's going to take care of this monster. But he quickly gives in, falling in love with a cute monster himself.
"Papa has a crush on this little guy. Isn't he adorable?"
Elise Gravel combines bright illustrations and expressive, energetic characters with lots of dialog bubbles to really draw young readers right into the story. Young readers will love chiming in, adding sound effects or interjections. Best of all are the monsters--which one will your family want?!?
"They have hundreds of species" at the Monsterium
Winnie ends the story by asking readers, "Would you like to adopt a monster?" After you draw a monster, of course you'll need to name it, describe it and decide just what it likes to eat. Here are some delightful monsters that Carrie Gelson's class drew--read all about their inspiration at Carrie's blog There's a Book for That.
If you're looking for more crafts inspired by stories, definitely check out Betsy Bird's post in the Horn Book Family Reading Blog. And here's a monster that my daughter made 10 years ago in her first sewing class. I wonder if the cat thinks it's a friend or foe...
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