Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fantasy and realistic fiction for longer listening: June is Audiobook Month (ages 8-12)

I’ve seen first-hand how audiobooks bolster students’ confidence and reading skills. They enjoy reading, and this makes them want to read more. But even more so, I’ve experienced how listening together creates a shared reading experience.

As we head into summer, spend some time trying out audiobooks, listening together with your children. June is Audiobook Month, and as part of that celebration I'd like to share some of my favorite audiobooks for children. Please make sure you see the giveaway at the bottom of the post.

Fantasy for longer listening (ages 8-12): Many families love being whisked away into a fantasy world. Jim Dale is masterful narrating the Harry Potter series, but our love for fantasy extends far beyond Hogwarts.

Adam Gidwitz brings humor and adventure to his take on classic fairy tales in A Tale Dark and Grimm. Skullduggery Pleasant also combines this same dark humor with fantasy and adventure in this terrific fantasy. Monster's Ring prompts kids to consider what they would do if magic suddenly let them get the upper hand over their bullies. Horizon is the beginning of a great new fantasy series with a science fiction twist.
Realistic fiction for longer listening (ages 8-12): These stories pull you into characters' lives, letting you see and feel what they go through. They are absolutely absorbing and heartfelt.
Ghost is a huge favorite in Berkeley, winning our district-wide Mock Newbery award. The audiobook is fantastic and won the Odyssey Award from the ALA. This year, my students particularly loved The War that Saved My Life, finding the story of Ada inspiring as she realizes how she's able to overcome many odds stacked against her. If you like stories of gutsy girls, you'll definitely want to seek out Our Only May Amelia.
Do you have any other favorites for children who love listening to long, engrossing stories? Please let me know your favorites, so I can add to my list!

Every day this week, I will share audiobooks for different ages. I'm also happy to offer a giveaway sponsored by the Audio Publisher’s Association June in Audiobook Month celebration. Winners will receive a pair of earbuds and 3 free audiobook downloads from Audiobooks.com! There’s an easy entry form at the bottom of this post.

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  1. Mary, I think it's great that there are quality audiobooks for young readers. I know my son would have loved them at that age.