Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dominic, by William Steig -- adventure, heart and humor for family listening (ages 6-9)

Are you setting off on an adventure this summer? Try listening to Dominic, by William Steig, and you'll find a story full of adventure, heart and humor--perfect for family listening.
Dominicby William Steig
narrated by Peter Thomas
Listening Library, 2009
Amazon / Your local library
ages 6-9
Dominic is a dog in search of his fortune. He leaves his home, taking only his hat and his piccolo, and along the way he meets many animals, developing new friends as he goes. My children were captivated by Dominic's story, as he bumbles his way along, searching for - well, he doesn't quite know what. Dominic learns about the world and himself as he makes new friends and outwits the notorious Doomsday gang.

Originally published in 1972, this timeless story has a folktale feel, full of charm, heart and a bit of magic. One of the interesting things I found myself wondering is what made Dominic so determined to defeat the Doomsday gang. Was he getting revenge for the way they had tricked him, or was he trying to make his world a safer place for his friends?

The length of this story makes is a good choice for a broad age range. While 3rd graders and older will get the most out of this rich story, young children enjoy it as well. William Steig wrote many of my favorite classic picture books: Sylvester and the Magic PebbleDr. DeSoto, and The Amazing Bone. His language is rich and imaginative, perfect for family listening.

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