Sunday, September 15, 2019

Juliet Takes a Breath, by Gabby Rivera: a vibrant new queer coming of age story (ages 14 and up)

My high school students are asking for books that show complex, nuanced characters of color who show a range of experiences. I'm excited to share with them Juliet Takes a Breath, a vibrant new queer coming of age story by Gabby Rivera.
Juliet Takes a Breath
by Gabby Rivera
Dial / Penguin; 2019
Amazon / your local library
ages 14 and up
Juliet Palante is leaving her home the Bronx, heading for a summer internship in Portland, Oregon with her favorite feminist author. She just came out to her family, and it was full of drama. Her little brother is totally supportive, but her mom won't talk to her.

Juliet explores her understanding of freedom and identity, pushing readers to embrace the power of one’s own voice and being true to yourself. I especially appreciate the way she talks about the tensions between white feminists and women of color, and the importance of listening to each other's stories. Even more, I appreciate the way Juliet wrestles with uncomfortable situations, finds true friends and reaches out to her family to support her.

Gabby Rivera is funny, fresh and full of wisdom. We are beyond excited that she's coming to Albany High. If you have a chance go see her on tour (details here)!
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