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Blue Floats Away: Growing up is full of surprises (ages 3-7)

Growing up is full of surprises, and how you see it depends on your perspective. Want to engage in a lively discussion? Ask a group of 4 year olds what makes them big kids, compared to the babies and toddlers in their lives. Not only are they bigger, they also can do many things all by themselves. This growth is exciting, but it also can come with frightening changes. Blue Floats Away captures these feelings, and shares a lesson on the water cycle too.

Blue Floats Away
by Travis Jonkers
illustrated by Grant Snider
Abrams, 2021
Amazon / your local library
ages 3-7 

Little Blue is an iceberg, happily attached to his parents -- and yet, one day, "Blue was suddenly on his own, floating away," unsure if he'll ever return. As Blue floats into his new life, he discovers new and beautiful things. Soon, though, Blue realizes that he's changing -- and the reader sees Blue melting and then turning into a cloud. Blue does make it home, but he's transformed into something new. The author's note explains about how the water cycle works, helping young readers see the science underpinning this story.

As we head back to school, many kids are going to be nervous about the separation and growth they're experiencing, especially if they're heading to a new school. Travis Jonkers captures the full range of emotions young kids go through as they wrestle with these changes. I especially appreciate how we can read this story in so many different ways -- on an emotional level, as a lesson about the water cycle, or as an introduction to global warming. The spare text and bold colors will make this captivating as a read aloud.

My oldest daughter struggled with separation anxiety in preschool (lots of tears) -- and yet she's now happily living across the country! Enjoy your little ones while you can. They do grow up so fast. The review copies came from my public library. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases if you make a purchase using the Amazon links on this site. 

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