Wednesday, July 28, 2021

In my feed: interesting articles & blogs to share (July 2021)

As I relaunch my blog, I'd like to share out interesting articles and blogs that catch my eye. These may be specifically about reading, literacy and books, but they may also be about other topics.

Summer Freedom Reading!
via the Jane Addams Peace Award newsletter

Summer Freedom Reading!
 (Jane Addams Peace Award newsletter). Explore this great themed list that focuses on different aspects of freedom. "Summer for some means more freedom, not having to follow a school schedule. For some this freedom may coexist with the stress of unstructured time. For some, summer means more reading time." 

Problem: Christian Robinson is Collaborating with Target and I Want to Buy Everything (100 Scope Notes blog) -- me too, Travis, me too!! I especially love the molecule PJs. Do they come in adult sizes?? In the meantime, you can download digital wallpapers designed by Christian Robinson. 

Great Books on the Outdoors for Curious Kids (Kirkus Perspectives) -- Vicky Smith, a longtime editor at Kirkus, shares a great suggestions of new books that encourage kids to explore the outdoors. I've just put several of these on hold at my public library. I can't wait to look through The Fungarium, a fascinating oversized book written by Ester Gaya and a team of mycologists from the Royal Botanic Gardens. 

#FactsMatter: Nonfiction Graphic Novel Series for Tweens and Teens (SLJ's Teen Librarian Toolbox) -- I love the way these comic books convey fascinating information. I definitely recommend the series highlighted in this blog post. My personal favorite is Maker Comics: Bake Like a Pro

Oh Flock! Clever Cockatoos Are More Culturally Complex Than We Thought (NPR) -- I'm fascinated by animal research, especially focusing on animal behavior. What's interesting about this discovery is that these cockatoos are teaching each other strategies for dumpster diving. Cockatoos that live near each other use different strategies than cockatoos in different neighborhoods. It's fascinating to explore the social nature of learning!

What's in your feed these days? Drop me a note, and let me know if you find any of these articles interesting.

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  1. I'm so excited about your relaunch!! Thank you! I'm a high school Librarian but we aren't required to have a Library science degree. I need all the help I can get. I'm planning to showcase more graphic novels this year and love the info you shared about nonfiction graphic novels. The Marie Curie series looks promising too.