Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little sisters can have the last say! The Chicken of the Family, by Mary Amato

Did you ever tease your little brother or sister? Or maybe they taunted you?? All little brothers and sisters have to figure out how to deal with older siblings who try to pull one over on them. If you have a littlest one in your family, check out The Chicken of the Family. It is hilarious as it shows the youngest sister deciding what she wants to do.

The Chicken of the Family
by Mary Amato, illustrated by Delphine Durand
NY: G.P. Putnam Sons, 2008.
ages 3 - 7.
Henrietta's two older sisters always tease her, and she hates it. One night, her sisters tell her that she is really a chicken that their mom got from Barney's farm up the road. Henrietta finds an egg in her bed the next morning, and two brown feathers on the floor. Oh no, maybe her sisters were right...

So Henrietta goes searching for her real family ... up at Barney's farm. The chickens are actually happy to see her. They play games with her, they cluck with her - and Henrietta is full of smiles. But then, her sisters show up. This is a sweet, funny book that will have your kids laughing as Henrietta convinces her middle sister that life with the chickens is actually better than a life with a bossy big sister.

Find it at the Berkeley Public Library or at the Oakland Public Library. You can also find it at Amazon.

This review was written by Mary Ann Scheuer for Great Kid Books. Copyright 2009, Great Kid Books.


  1. This book was so much fun to write. Soon, I'll be posting a Reader's Theater script of The Chicken of the Family on my website.

  2. Mary, thanks so much. Reader's Theater would be really fun with this book. Let us know when you post it!

    Mary Ann