Thursday, May 21, 2009

Supporting readers where it counts

Guys Lit Wire, a blog recommending books for teenage boys, has started an important, impressive project. They are holding a Book Fair for Boys to collect books for boys incarcerated in LA County's juvenile justice system. Guys Lit Wire has partnered with InsideOut Writers in LA, and they have created a wish list at Powell's Books.Books matter. They provide escape, they provide solace, they provide entertainment. Sometimes, they help us see that we aren't alone in the world - other people are struggling with things like us. Sometimes, they let us escape from the drudgery of what surrounds us and let us experience the rush of adventure. The boys in LA County's Juvenile Justice system need your help. Please go to Powell's Books and search for the wish list for Mail your books to InsideOut Writers at:

Eve Porinchak
5850 Brookline Lane
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

I have donated, and I urge everyone to try to do so. Guy's Lit Wire has started an important project - we need to support them. It doesn't take much to buy a book, but these books can make a difference to these incarcerated teens. So please, head over to Powell's and support this important cause. Thank you.

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