Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jenny and the Cat Club (ages 4 - 10) and a stuffed animal

One of my favorite chapter books to read to preschoolers and kindergartners is Jenny and the Cat Club. It makes a purr-fect present with a little stuffed animal, naturally a little black cat with a red ribbon tied around its neck. If you're looking for a chapter book to read with your little one, all about friendship, courage and adventure, take a look at this classic tale. It also works beautifully with 2nd and 3rd graders looking for an absorbing tale to read on their own.
Jenny and the Cat Club
by Esther Averill
NY: NYR Children's Collection, 2003
originally published between 1944 and 1953
ages 4 -10
available on Amazon and at your local public library
Jenny is a little black cat who is taken in by Captain Tinker, a sea captain and gentle old man. Jenny is a shy little cat, who loves looking out the window at the cat club that gathers at night in the garden below. With the help of the special red scarf that the captain knit for her, Jenny musters the courage to introduce herself to the cat club. But she will need a special talent to join the club. Whatever might that be?

Take a look at the wonderful blend of descriptive language, friendship and adventure - along with simple, imaginative illustrations throughout. Much of this book is availabe on Google Books, so you can take an extensive look:

Plush Tug Black Cat 12"Pair this sweet book with a little black cat, and you have a purr-fect present. If you can, it would be extra special to have an older brother or sister finger knit a little red scarf for the special kitty!

Enjoy, and share the gift of a book this holiday season.

The review copy came from our personal library. This is a book I will keep for my children to pass down to their children. It was recommended by our wonderful neighborhood bookstore, Mrs. Dalloway's Books, in Berkeley.

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