Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ways to Give a Book

Inspired, as always, by the inimitable MotherReader (see her amazing 105 ways to give a book feature), I would love to share with you ways to give a book. My children do groan, but every time one of their friends has a birthday, I find a way to give a book that ties in with the present we're giving.

So this holiday season, I will be starting a feature: Ways to Give a Book. We'll be pairing books with art supplies, stuffed animals, sports balls - you name it! Books for older kids and young ones, too. I'd love your ideas to share - so send me an email (greatkidbooks at gmail dot com) or leave a comment.

What's your favorite way to give a kid a book?

Here's a guide to book & gift suggestions:

Six Innings, by James Preller, and a baseball mit (ages 9 - 12)
Face to Face with Butterflies, and a butterfly  net (ages 8 - 12)
Jenny and the Cat Club, and a stuffed animal (ages 4 - 10)
The Unsinkable Walker Bean, and strategy games (ages 9 - 12)
Lots of Dots, and dot stampers (ages 2 - 6)
Teammates, by Tiki and Ronde Barber, and a junior football (ages 6 - 10)
Sugar and Ice, and a hat/mitten/scarf set (ages 9 - 12)
April and Esme, Tooth Fairies, and a tooth fairy box (ages 4 - 8)

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